Colorado International Flat Earth Film Festival

We welcome both documentary & fictional projects that promote generally positive messages related to the shape of Earth and all aspects of alternative Cosmologies, including Gravity, Electro-magnetism, Time Travel, Time/Space, Time Dilation, Timekeeping, Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Astrology, Theoretical/Thought Experiments, Resonance/Frequency, Mathematics/Probability, Sacred Geometry, Mythology, Comparative Religion & all remotely related topics. We’re also interested in looking at films related to Evolution (Abiogenesis) and Creationism. We would love to feature your dramatizations, re-enactments, comedies, animations/comics and personal narratives.

Music Videos are always free to submit! We will award Best Music Video. For films, we will award Best in Show, Best Music/Soundtrack, Best Animation/Titles, Best Cinematography & Best Acting. Depending on the number and types of submissions we receive, we’ll also hope to provide additional awards for writing/screenplays, music videos/lyrics/songs, and photos.

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